Abacos, April 7, 2007 - Jay, Kathleen, Jordan and Max, Onding, Paul Kelly, Sydney and Darcy, Barbary and Big Darcy, Satuit Boat Club, Landfall Sailing Club;   The weather has taken a turn for the better.  It is absolutely gorgeous here.  Each morning we wake up to the cruisers net and an announcement that reminds me so much of  Robin Williams and Good Morning Vietnam, except he greets us with Good morning Abaco cruisers, this is the cruisers net.  All the boats with questions or announcements call on the VHF and are given a number and called upon in order during "open mike".  They give us the weather, news, stock report, gold report and emergency messages from home.  If someone is looking for a part for their boat they will usually get a reply from several boaters who either have a spare or they are given information as to the best place to find it in the islands.  So far there are 3 boats named Argonauta down here.  I also learned that all of us took the name from the book "Gifts from the Sea" by Anne Morrow Lindburgh.  I spoke on the VHF this morning with one of them.  People are great.  Today we hope to finally do some snorkeling.


      A synopsis of the trip so far;  Key Largo, Fl to Bimini Bahamas 10 hours:  Bimini to Chub Cay 14 hours overnight: Chub Cay to Nassau 5 hours: spent 17 days in Nassau due to bad weather: At times the seas north of Nassau were up to 20" and BASRA advised everyone to stay in the harbor.  We were able to take a day trip to the south side of Roses Island that had a gorgeous anchorage and beach.  Tony Volk imported a friend of the female variety from the Cape and had an exceptionally great time. Diana Mets and I made the best of it.  We toured forts, historic sites, Pirate museum, went to the beach, The Atlantis Hotel on Paradise Island and partook of the local music and food whenever possible.  We met boaters from New Zealand on their way to Spain for the Americas Cup races, folks from Maine, Texas, France. The marina was multinational and we were all stuck and waiting anxiously to leave.  The day finally came and we all left at once.  Conditions weren't perfect but they were good enough for Argonauta.  She did me well!! Next stop was Royal Island just off Eleuthra.  We anchored in the all around protected harbor and learned that they were turning it into  a MegaYacht Resort.  What a big disappointment.  Chub Cay has already gone that route and is almost complete.  From Royal Island we had a semi rough trip to Little Harbor, Abaco.  Fortunate their was 1 boat I refused to pass going through Little Harbor Cut in front of us.  He made it fine so we followed.


     From here the trip has been a breeze.  Pete's Pub and Gallery was wonderful.  The food was to die for and his art, jewelry and Sculptures were wonderful as well as being way out of my price range.  Man-of-War cay was our next destination where we enjoyed a local fundraiser for the school. Islanders served up a whole rack of BBQ Ribs, peas and rice, cole slaw, potato salad for $18.  We also had the best conch fritters, conch salad and homemade ice cream.  The helpings were so big I don't know how they made any money.  It was the best.  Next was Marsh Harbor and a change of crew.  Tony and Diana  headed home and Sally and Kathy came on board.  From there we headed north to Green Turtle Cay and the Green Turtle Yacht Club and Resort. Quiet and lovely.  We are now at the Orchid Bay Marina on Great Guana Cay. So far this is my favorite with lots to see and do.  Yesterday we rented a golf cart for 3 hours.  What a hoot!!!  Today we had plans to go to Hope Town but there is no room in  the Harbor so we are going swimming and snorkeling at a beautiful beach below Nippers famous Bar and Grill. Tomorrow we'll head back to Marsh Harbor and take the ferry to Hope Town for the day.  Ellen is arriving on Monday and Sally and Kathy will sadly go home.


    It has been great hearing from some of you.  Keep the news from home coming.  As a side note I ran into Walter May in Marsh Harbor.  He greeted me as I pulled into my slip with the question "Are you really from Scituate, MA?"


The ever changing crew of Argonauta


Diana D.